Carnegie and Kate Greenaway nominations from the North West region

As part of our Unconference 2014, to be held in Liverpool Central Library on Saturday October 11th, we will be voting for our Youth Libraries Group North West Region Carnegie and Kate Greenaway nominations.  YLG members are asked to send in nominations for books they think should be considered at this event.

The Carnegie Award is for an outstanding book for children or young people and The Kate Greenaway Award for an outstanding book for children or young people in terms of illustration. To be eligible books must be published in English between September 1st 2013 and August 31st 2014.  Full details of the awards can be found at

Send your nominations, along with a supporting statement of 50 to 200 words to by Saturday 20th September.  Please note we will be putting in our regional nominations on 11th October, which is after the official CKG cut off date of 6th October.*

* When planning the date for our unconference we had missed this year’s October 6th cut off date for CKG nominations, which is earlier than it has been in the past few years. By the time we became aware of the closing date we were committed to our unconference date as the venue was booked etc. We realised it would not be practicable to run an extra, earlier event to get the regional nominations, so asked if we could submit them on the day of our unconference. The Chair of Judges very generously gave us permission to do this, but only for our regional nominations, individuals must get their own nominations in by October 6th.



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