Love Libraries: National Libraries Day 2015

Today is National Libraries Day, a chance to celebrate and support our Libraries and show just how awesome they can be. The National Libraries Day website is well worth a visit or you can follow events on social media using the hashtag #NLD15.

The YLG Committee is showing their support by sharing their #libraryshelfies along with a personal ‘love letter’ to Libraries. Enjoy and share the love!

From Jake Hope’s home library:

Jake - shelfie

“I love libraries because adventure and exploration abound there.  Open books are like open doors, there’s so much knowledge and learning to lose oneself in and through finding different ways to thinking, to feeling and to live, we not only lose ourselves, but find ourselves also…  Libraries are a unique institution and deserve preserving”

From the shelves of Rebecca Lyons’s University Library:

rebecca - shelfie“I love libraries because they are places in which I can expand my learning but also indulge my imagination”

From Lyn Denny’s current ‘To Be Read Pile’

Lyn -shelfie
“I love libraries because as a modern minimalist I am absolutely in favour of community-based resource centres: by borrowing rather than owning items we can have more space in our homes, more money in our pockets and more time on our hands; not to mention a happier and healthier planet to live on”

And from the Children’s section in Lizzie Ryder’s local Library:

lizzie - shelfie

” I love Libraries because they’re where I learnt to be a reader. I can still feel the joy and giddy anticipation of holding my card tickets in my hand – four little pockets of opportunity waiting to be filled…”


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