What We’re Reading Wednesday – Santa is coming to Bolton


Okay, I have a confession to make. I have been a very bad children’s librarian this week and have barely read anything at all. Christmas preparations have meant that my reading has been limited to the one thing that cannot be compromised – the bedtime story.

This is without doubt my favourite part of most days – the time when I forget about everything else that needs doing and just relax and connect with my daughters.

My girls are 2 and 3 and are at the point where they are so excited about Christmas and the impending visit of the man in the big red suit they might actually burst!

So what better story for us to share each night this week than Santa is Coming to Bolton? Because he is! Very soon 🙂


Written by Steve Smallman, this is one in a huge series of ‘Santa is coming to…’ books (I think there is one for pretty much everywhere!). Opening with Santa booming out the million-dollar question – “Have all the children from Bolton been good this year?” – the book tells the story of Santa loading up his sleigh, putting the BL postcode into his Santa-nav and setting out on his journey to deliver presents to the boys and girls of Bolton.


The journey is not an entirely straightforward one. After running into a blizzard over the Jumbles reservoir (a local beauty spot I highly recommend you visit if you haven’t already) and getting  stuck at the top of the Christmas tree in Victoria Square, Santa is forced to make an emergency landing in Queen’s Park (a landmark which, as one of the best parks in Bolton, many local children will be very familiar with).

Luckily no real damage is done and Santa is able to carry on with his duty and deliver his presents, indulging in the odd mince pie and “small glass of something” along the way.


This book is a great one for sharing. Robert Dunn’s illustrations are bright and bold and the storyline is simple, strong and reassuring. My daughters love the local references and especially enjoy it when I slip their names into the list of children that Santa delivers to. And as for Santa himself? He is everything Santa should be – jovial, generous and with a decent dollop of daftness.

On behalf of all of us at YLG Northwest, I wish you a wonderful fun-filled Christmas! May the Santa -nav find you, wherever you are!




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