What We’re Reading Wednesday: Stan Lee Excelsior Awards

Doctor Who: Revolutions of Terror (Tenth Doctor Comic Strip Collection Vol 1), written by Nick Abadzis.

Front Cover Doctor Who Revolutions Of Terror Comic

This Wednesday I’ve started reading the books on the Stan Lee Excelsior Award shortlist. I started with Doctor Who: Revolutions of Terror this morning, intending to just have a flick through and get the gist (I’ve never read any of the Doctor Who comics before and was curious how it compared to the tv series) but just a quick flick through had me completely hooked and I ended up devouring it in one sitting!

I loved the artwork and the dialogue – both felt true to the tv series, capturing the quirks and mannerisms of the tenth doctor, but also bringing something fresh and original to the medium. The story picks up where the 2009 series left off and we join the doctor as he has been travelling companionless for a while. Cue the clever Gabriella, a young Mexican American woman who is stuck working in her family’s laundry in New York and dreaming of a way out. You can see where this is heading…

What follows is a great standalone adventure but most notably the introduction of a new companion brings with it some striking visual and narrative opportunities. I really liked the inclusion of Gabriella’s journal as an additional ‘voice’ in the narrative and though the font chosen to differentiate her words was sometimes a little tricky to read it added a nice depth to the characterisations.


I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the shortlisted titles (and *may* have just ordered some of the follow up comics in the tenth Doctor series!). I’m not particularly well versed in graphic novels so this feels like a real opportunity to broaden my reading horizons – what better way to start the New Year!

You can find out more about the Stan Lee Excelsior Award as well as checking out previous winners by clicking on the link.



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