World Book Day – how are you celebrating?

It’s that time of year again… World Book Day – the biggest worldwide celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading – is upon us! Children (and parents) up and down the country will be putting the finishing touches to their costumes and librarians and teachers everywhere will be frantically going about their last-minute preparations (or is that just us?).

One of the things we’ll definitely be doing this year is talking about our favourite past Greenaway medal winners – the Youth Libraries Group are encouraging everyone to join them in recognising the CILIP Kate Greenaway medal and chatting about these wonderful illustrated works. You can follow the conversations on twitter by searching for #ckg18 #WoBoD #WorldBookDay and #BestChildrensBooks


Here is a snapshot of the many other ways in which we’ll be celebrating World Book Day in the North West – we’d love to hear what you’ll be doing too so please do send us your comments.


Librarian, Lostock College, Stretford A childs

I tell everyone that, in my world, every day is World Book Day.

At school some staff and students will be dressing up, we also have a couple of competitions.  One involves scanning a QR code on posters around the school, and the other involves staff members reading out a passage from their favourite book – students have to then match the staff member to the right book. Other English department activities include creating a book scene in a shoe box and baking a booky cake.

I am also going to arm myself with a big box of chocolates and ask questions all around the school about books – anyone who answers a question correctly gets to pick a chocolate!



Bolton Library and Museum Service  Em

I’ll be welcoming a local nursery to one of our community libraries for a special World Book Day visit in the morning. I’ve previously been into the nursery to introduce myself read a story to the children, and they’re all now registered for library cards, so they’ll be able to explore all our lovely books and start borrowing straight away. We’ll be gifting the Bookstart treasure pack to the children as part of the session so we’ll be reading Alan’s Big Scary Teeth and having lots of crocodile themed fun. bookstart-treasure-blue-pack-and-contents-alans-teeth-v3-webIn the afternoon I’ll be visiting some more nursery children for a story session. Nursery visits are one of my absolute favourite parts of my job and I can’t think of a more joyful way of spending World Book Day than with young children who are so excited about stories and all that the library can offer. It really is magical.

In the evening I’ll be frantically making sure everything is in order with my own children’s costumes. They’re celebrating on Friday at their school – my 6 year-old wants to go as Captain Underpants and my almost-5- year-old has opted for Winnie the Witch. Given that we haven’t made a start on either costume yet we could be in for an interesting couple of days!

At the end of all that, if I can keep my eyes open for long enough, I’ll celebrate the passing of another fun-filled World Book Day with a cool glass of wine and a few chapters of my current read, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.


Lancashire County Council


I will have a busy World Book Day this year. We are revealing our Lancashire Book of the Year shortlist in the morning and have a special guest in Natalie Flynn, our winning author from last year. After that we will be taking Natalie to Garstang Academy for a reading before going to Longton Library and doing a workshop with Natalie and our”Great Minds” project team.



Lancashire Schools Library Service

Our book bus vehicles will be visiting 2 primary schools with staff telling stories to pupils at St John and St Michaels, Shawforth, Rochdale and Gillibrand, Chorley. Pupils will be entertained with readings from newly published titles and old favourites, audience participation is compulsory!

The Fantastic Book Awards is drawing to an exciting climax, with pupils now voting for their favourite fiction titles.  Thousands of Year 5/6 pupils in 130 schools across Lancashire have taken part in this year’s award and have enjoyed an excellent mix of titles. Designed to encourage children to read for pleasure the winners will be announced in May and you can view the list of nominated books here



St Bede’s College, Manchester P1060902

I am giving out tokens & £1 books to our pupils, hosting  a team book quiz at lunchtime and running a competition where pupils have to ask members of staff for the titles of their favourite books. I’m also leading a couple of Year 8 lessons during the day.  After school I am organising book themed activities for the youth club I help to run at Church – book character bingo and a bit of Harry Potter “transfiguration” with plasticine.  I think I might then go home and have a large glass of wine and read a book!



Bury Grammar School (Girls) Lizzie Ryder photo  

I’ll be celebrating in school with a house competition book quiz – it’s the first time we’ve tried it – there will be buzzers, balloons and everything! Love it or loathe it we’re also a dressy-up school so I’m currently deliberating whether to go dressed as the Lady of Shallot or Moaning Myrtle! I normally try to go dressed as a character from one of our book award shortlisted titles and did briefly consider the otherworldly queen from Patrick Ness’s Release but thought better of it! Whichever costume I decide on though I can guarantee that I’ll still be up at midnight on Wednesday trying to put a costume together!

In fairness, I wouldn’t have it any other way – it’s all part of the fun and I won’t be the only one in our house dressing up: My two girls are going to school dressed as Tiga from Sibeal Pounder’s Witch Wars and Angelina Ballerina (we’re very excited about the mouse ears!). It’s been genuinely lovely this year seeing them get excited about what they are going to wear – Certainly for my eldest, choosing and putting together a costume has been a true extension of the imaginative world of the book. I’ve been flabbergasted at the detail she’s recounted to make her Tiga outfit just right. It’s not just that she’s going to put on some fun clothes on Thursday, it’s an opportunity to make real something you’ve only had in your imagination and I reckon that must be a pretty powerful thing as a child. It certainly makes all the effort and general chaos of Thursday morning worthwhile!

Witch wars


Wherever you are and however you’ll be celebrating, we wish you a wonderful World Book Day!






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