Love Letters To Libraries: Ali Limentani

To see us through the summer months we’re launching a new blog feature: Love Letters to Libraries. A collection of missives from authors and illustrators reminding us of the far reaching influence of the humble Public Library and the effects a love of reading and a thirst for knowledge can have on an individual as well as a career


To kick us off we have Alison Limentani. Alison has always been fascinated by animals and wildlife. She has a Degree in Animal Behaviour, and worked as a Zoo Keeper in Jersey before training as a veterinary nurse. She is passionate about drawing animals, and sharing her knowledge about them.


Why I like libraries

Well let’s get one thing straight. I don’t like libraries… I love libraries!

Where else do you get the opportunity to visit a multitude of other cities, countries or universes absolutely free?

I love being able to lose myself in a world full of facts and information. The ideas for my books are often triggered by discovering just one amazing fact, which starts a cascade of other ideas, leading me on a fact-finding mission that allows me to build a whole book around one astounding piece of the puzzle.

Sometimes I enjoy escaping into a fiction book to find refuge from real life amongst the pages. It’s exciting to take on a new identity and walk around for a while. That’s why we read books, right? Your body doesn’t go anywhere, but your mind gets to travel beyond the reaches of your own imagination, into someone else’s.

I love libraries.

Alison’s debut picture book How much does a Ladybird weigh?’ was published in 2016. This stylish book uses an array of native wild animals to explain how heavy each animal is relative to the others. It was nominated for Cambridgeshire Libraries ‘Read it again’ award 2017 and was also on the New York Public Libraries Best Books for Kids 2016 list.


Her most recent book ‘How Tall Was A T-Rex?’ uses traditional printmaking techniques and digital editing to create vivid and engaging comparisons to profile this notorious dinosaur.


You can find out more about Alison, including her work as a children’s art facilitator, via her website:


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