CKG Review – What you need to know about the Greenaway Shortlist (Part II)

Continuing our look at the Greenaway shortlist 2017…

The Journey - Greenaway 17The Marvels - Greenaway 17There Is A Tribe of Kids - Greenaway 17Wolves of Currumpaw - Greenaway 17


What We’re Reading Wednesday:Reading Around the Books – Shackleton’s Journey & The Snowman

This Wednesday we’ve taken a slightly different approach to our What We’re Reading post: It’s not so much the books themselves that we’ve been reading but articles and interviews based around them. Lizzie explains more…

This week I’ve been looking at wintry/icy activities to run with a weekly sketchbook group for teens that takes place in the Library. Inspired by the Five Point Plan outlined by Chris Riddell in his role as Children’s Laureate (which seeks to promote the joy of sketchbooks through daily doodling) we link a drawing/sketching activity to a book each week.

Shackleton's Journey

The need for something wintry, the desire to introduce colour into our thus far monochrome sketchbooks and the necessity of achieving this with limited resources (i.e a box of old pencil crayons!) were all pressing concerns as I began my search. Add to this the fact that we only have a 25 minute slot in which to achieve something meaningful and I was running out of ideas – that is until I happily alighted upon Will Grill’s Greenaway award winning Shackleton’s Journey . Continue reading