Picture Books In The Pub – The 2020 Edition

Due to the very unusual circumstances that we find ourselves in, we’ve decided to take our popular Picture Books In The Pub format online. If you’re not in the North West, or haven’t managed to join us in person before, now is the perfect moment to join in the fun and discuss these outstanding illustrated books amongst friends.

Picture Books Back 2020

Our plan is to hold fortnightly meetings via Zoom to discuss the eight books which have been shortlisted for this year’s Greenaway Medal (there will also be a sneaky bonus meeting dedicated to the Carnegie shortlist too). We will discuss two different books per meeting, culminating in a final ‘knockout’ week in which we decide which book we think should win this prestigious award. As part of every discussion we will be referring to the Medal criteria to help us with our decision making.

If you are interested in joining us please get in touch via Twitter or by emailing achilds@lostock.trafford.sch.uk . No experience is necessary – you certainly don’t need to be a picture book expert to join in – and don’t worry if you don’t currently have access to the books, we’ll try and share images from the books as best we can on the night.

nxt wk Picture Books In The Pub


Our first meeting on the 7th April will be dicussing Chris Mould’s spectacular version of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and Chitra Soundor and Poonam Mistry’s beautiful You’re Snug With Me.


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